Tuning procedure of Normal operation

Re-injection Tuning after short shutdown tuning after long shut down


Synchrotron storage Ring

Example of injection. Multi-bunch, it reaches to 100mA within about 9 min.
increasing stored current

example of filling     27Feb2002 160*(12-1), 1turn is 4.8us
filling 160*(12-1) 27Feb2002

exaple of measured dispersion
dispersion 27Feb2002
example of measured chromaticity
chromaticity on 27Feb2002 multibunch

injected beam oscillation measured by single pass monitor on 16Jan2002
single pass monitor horizontal even-cell 3 16Jan02
single pass monitor vertical even-3 16Jan02

trend of COD harmonic
COD harmonics

trend of RF frequency
RF frequency trend

beam lifetime
life & ID gaps

beam size measured by visibility monitor
beam size   visibility