High power transmission devices


rectangular waveguide

reference: CERN accelerator school 1992 "high power RF transmission" R. K. Cooper
Coaxial transmission x
waveguide designation inside dimmension (inches) H10 mode operation range (MHz) cutoff frequency (MHz) cutoff wavelength (cm)
WR1800 18*9 410-625 328 91.44
WR1500 15*7.5 490-750 393 76.2

length of waveguides

Layout of waveguids


klystron room: klystron , circulator, 300kW water dummy load, WR1800 waveguid

underground:  magic T, 50kW water dummy loads, WR1500 waveguids

underground: phase shifter, E-bend, arc sensor, IR thermometer

tunnel: RF cavities, tuner, 300kW input coupler

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